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The Mtandao wa Jamii wa Usimamizi wa Misitu Tanzania (MJUMITA) is a network of community groups involved in participatory forest management in Tanzannia. The network provides a forum for capacity building, advocacy and communication for these grooups. MJUMITA was initially supported by TFCG starting from 2000 and became an independent NGO in 2007. It was established originally in response to the need for a forum for communities to share experiences with regard to participatory forest management and engage in dialogue with the Forestry and Beekeeping Division on ways to address policy, legal and implementation issues in relation to participatory forest management.

MJUMITA currently has 80 affiliated local area networks, which are made up of Village Natural Resource Committees (VNRC) and Environmental User Group. The local level networks are registered legal entities or are in the process of being registered. MJUMITA's members are present in 23 districts, 450 villages and representing around 500 user groups and VNRCs involved in participatory forest management countrywide. The total number of MJUMITA members is around 6000 people, but the total number of people living in communities where MJUMITA works is as many as 900,000 people and will continue to expand.